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No prima donnas here, just some hard-working types who want to make you look good and provide quality services at a fair price. It’s our special ingredient.

Kurt Kruse

Kurt Kruse


Kurt Kruse is a visual communications professional who strives in making it happen for his clients. For over 25 years, Kurt has built relationships with customers, friends, and non-profit organizations by providing advertising/marketing, web, print, video, and marketing services. Kurt’s philosophy for his clients’ projects is to provide the right amount of form and function to help achieve their goals, while working in the most efficient way possible. When Kurt’s not working, he’s thinking about it!

Howard Wright

Howard Wright

Principle Designer

Howard is an experienced and passionate graphic designer, illustrator, web designer and developer who’s worked with a wide variety of project scopes and budgets. He understands the value of clear, consistent branding and messaging. He’s experienced with HTML, CSS, audio/video, and interactive media. He’s a veteran with content management systems such as WordPress, e-commerce, SEO and social media. He’s also an accomplished artist, designer, conceptual 2D and 3D illustrator and animator with broad experience creating many types of visual communications. Howard enjoys all things tech, spending time with his family, being active and trying to get out of his office chair at least once an hour!

Sara Wesche

Sara Wesche


Sara’s background in organizational marketing strategy and execution has given her extensive experience with outbound and inbound marketing, including lead generation, marketing campaign development and strategy, copywriting, website development, brand identity, customer experience, social media and content marketing, public relations, event planning, and project and team management. Her true love is content development, from blogs to website copy to white papers. When Sara’s not working on your marketing project, she’s likely wandering a hiking trail with her family, but usually within cell range.

Jim Mika

Jim Mika

Account Manager

Ad agency owner and creative director since 1990. My clients include those in the following categories: medical, industrial, mechanical, safety, decorative hardware, fluid handling, the RV industry, and natural gas.

Specialties include: Pay-per-click search engine campaigns, website development & hosting, graphic design, trade show booth production, ad design, signage, media placement, public relations, video and audio production, on-camera talent and voice-over talent.

Bryan Lundy

Bryan Lundy

Design & Production

Bryan is a strategic, multidisciplinary visual communications professional with an eye for innovation and pixel perfection. He’s worked the gamut of clients and although his skill set is vast, Bryan’s greatest expertise revolve in the worlds of web design, e-commerce, brand identity design, content creation and print collateral. His greatest wish is to combine his knowledge and experience in these areas, to deliver the best creative and up-to-date design for clients. Bryan loves spending time with his family and children and is officially known as the office “nice guy”.

Joe Van Dorp

Joe Van Dorp

Web Development

Joe is a web developer experienced in both client side and server side scripting. Proficient with coding in HTML, Javascript, (JQuery), and CSS (for styling). He’s experienced with coding in PHP using MySQL for the databases. Development experience with HTML, PHP, and WordPress websites, including WordPress plugins and themes. Joe is a big fan of tech and tech culture and likes to keep his office chair in the “low” position.

Jake Paquin


Jake is a design and marking professional who specializes in both print and web. Since graduating from Michigan State University in 2010, he’s helped multiple businesses with strategic inbound marketing and design projects. Jake provides a variety of important technical and creative skills when deadlines loom and is dedicated to helping create happy clients.

David Connor

Digital Marketing & E-Commerce

Dave is a seasoned professional with dynamic creativity used in development and implementation of business strategy, sales, and marketing plans. Strong marketing/sales, management, and information/communication technology skill sets used to market products/services, build strong customer relationships and achieve corporate growth initiatives. He understands the importance of customer relationship management, new business development mechanics, partnering, and team-oriented environments. Experienced in strategic team management with regional, national, and multi-national organizations.

Jerry Emerick

Web Development & Security

Jerry is an information technology professional with extensive experience in analytical, technical, project management, and educator roles demonstrating a unique versatility and blend of “big picture” and in-depth technical skills. He enjoys big challenges and always work with a sense of urgency to meet the goals of the organization. Specific technical skills include the design and development of Internet and desktop software applications and security solutions primarily using Microsoft programming tools, servers, and database technologies. Jerry posses a bachelor and masters degree in business and computer science and is also a certified Microsoft Processional (MCP) and a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

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