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The most effective way to reach your customers today is email. From customer support to promotions and events, an effective email campaign can inform, notify, and explain the information you need to convey.

Using services such as Constant Contact, MailChimp and iContact, we can develop a one-time or recurring campaign to get your message across in the least amount of words. These services also help insure your message won’t end up in junk mail boxes and you’ll know just how effective your marketing is by seeing open and click rates.

With our writing services, we combine a well-written message with engaging stock or custom graphics and visuals to tell your story in an effective and clear manner. As attention spans continue to decrease, we keep your message on-point and marry it with images that support your key concepts and keep recipients engaged.

We’ll also work with you to develop your mailing list and can easily provide ways for potential subscribers to sign up. 


Complete Email Marketing Services:

  • Custom Writing Services
  • Email List Development
  • Design and Illustration
  • Constant Contact Emails
  • MailChimp Emails
  • iContact Emails
  • Open Rate Analysis
  • Click Rate Analysis 
  • Junk Mail Minimization
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