Prior to using HubSpot, we were piecing our clients marketing together:

  • Landing pages and blog were on one platform
  • Forms were a plugin, within their websites
  • We used a tool for email marketing
  • Our contacts database was in a CRM
  • List segmentation took a lot of time and some mean excel skills
  • Social Media monitoring was one tool
  • Social Media publishing was another tool
  • Analytics were rarely used for anything more than measuring site traffic

Are you exhausted yet? We were. Even more so, you wanted to be able to do this to save time and money instead of planning so far ahead and coming to us.

So we have started clients now using a great all in one solution so they can take control of creating and managing their online marketing even more!

By having all of these tools, and more, in “All-in-one Marketing Software,” clients can be instantly more productive.  Add to that the fact that the tool is constantly improving to make marketing, quite frankly, better?  It’s a no-brainer, and one of the most powerful weapons we can put into a clients productivity toolbox.

So talk to us today about getting set up and started in Hubspot for your online monthly newsletters, marketing emails, and special promotions to your customers!